Marketing Strategy

No more guessing work

The needs of every business are unique. We work with you to formulate a strategy to understand who your customers are and how to communicate with them. We create an authentic, cohesive, and custom tailored strategy to help you compete in a crowded marketplace.

Paid Ads Campaign

Invest your money right

Significantly increase your sales and reach larger and highly qualified audiences. We craft impactful ads influenced by the type of ad itself, the message, regional aspects, targeted age range, gender, occupation and ad network. We seek for higher ROI

Social Media Marketing

Increase your reach and engage your customers

You need a marketing force behind your company to build your brand image and get your message in front of your target audience. With our expert content creation and management, we do all this and more to increase your reach and engage your customers.

Promotional Videos

Videos to be remembered

Deliver your core messages effectively by bringing ideas to life. Inspired by blend of insights and creativity we produce professionally made promotional and explainer videos that lead your audience to take meaningful actions that matches your marketing goals

Search Engine Optimization

Be where people are searching

The rules of SEO are complex and dynamic. Our team stays on top of what’s new with search engines and Google’s search algorithm and how to give your site a competitive edge by improving ranking and traffic. We provide and execute impactful and success proven SEO strategies

Analytics & Reports

Leverage the power of data

Understand your target audience by analyzing the data and generating reports that marketers can use. Compare paid campaigns across networks and apply A/B test to continuously optimize for better conversions. This inspire your business to take the right actions based on customer behavior

Why SMACRS Digital Ageny

Proven Success

1.2 Million Followers on WomanUp and managing multiple Accounts

Dedicated Teams

Dedicated marketing, design and animation teams for impressive experience


We enable you from following up activities and give feedback at the right moment

Results Oriented

Higher ROI is our target using effective digital marketing activities and data analysis

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