Unlock the business value of connecting products and users, and gain benefits that align with your business objectives and goals.

Offering another definition of “Real Time” by gaining early smart insights using the big data analytics. And to be used in multiple verticals like Maintenance, Education, Healthcare, Work flow, Retail, Wearable devices and Automation…etc.

How can retailers grow their business using IoT

Save your money and be cost effective by using IoT

Your customers leave without buying to avoid long lines of checkout?

Automated point of sale systems (PoS) for automated checkout

Out of stock in some channels and locations and losing the greatest margin/sales opportunity?

Smart inventory management for early automated shelf detection and data analytics for optimized procurement planning

We’re shipping perishable products like food, flowers, and drugs and we are afraid of losses and unreliable delivery process?

Environmental Sensing System to monitor environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature, vibration levels, and lighting to make the appropriate adjustments and save goods

Spending a lot of money to engage customers through big mass marketing campaigns?

Detect user real behavior using smart devices and IOT, to craft personalized targeted marketing message

My Loyalty program is not smart enough and I don’t know what in-store customers are interested in?

IOT Advanced Sensors Loyalty Program that can detect your users’ online shopping behavior/interests and offer discounts while they’re in store for their favorable items and it can be more targeting for products of the section they’re standing near to.

Facing massive losses due to thefts from my store shelves?

Using smart shelves for weight auto-detection and RFID tags to inform you when items are running low or when items are incorrectly placed on a shelf

Improving the quality of education using IoT and AI

Connecting to EEG headset, we offer Lumiere as an intelligent adaptive learning management system to create distinctive learning path for individuals.

This system is built and maintained to adapt learning materials and tailor learning process based on:

Intelligence level
Learning style
Cognitive profile

We use Electroencephalography (EEG) which is an electrophysiological monitoring method to record electrical activity of the brain. It provides the system with student’ EEG data so that the system can measure the required cognitive skills.

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