Artificial Intelligence (AI) is achieved by analyzing how the human brain works while solving an issue and then using that analytical problem-solving techniques to build complex algorithms to perform similar tasks.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an automated decision-making system, which continuously learn, adapt, suggest and take actions automatically. At the core, they require algorithms which are able to learn from their experience. This is where Machine Learning comes into the picture.
Machine Learning can be applied to solve tough issues like credit card fraud detection, enable self-driving cars and face detection and recognition. Machine Learning (ML) uses complex algorithms that constantly iterate over large data sets, analyzing the patterns in data and facilitating machines to respond different situations for which they have not been explicitly programmed. The machines learn from the history to produce reliable results. The Machine Learning (ML) algorithms use Computer Science and Statistics to predict rational outputs.
The Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform can even recommend personalized content that could foster the most engagement.
The artificially intelligent software helps IoT devices gain knowledge of surroundings, inspection machines to identify different textures and surfaces and appliances to predict maintenance needs.
The artificially intelligent software can learn your personal likes and dislikes to recommend the ideal library of content

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