About Us

Our journey of innovation, hardwork and creativity

The Success Journey

Our journey of innovation, hard work and creativity

SMACRS is a leading digital solutions and services provider established in 2007 with the objective of empowering individuals and organizations with cutting-edge, robust solutions for their educational and training needs.

Throughout this 16-year journey, we have successfully delivered projects to more than 500 clients and partners in the US, UK, Germany, Norway, Egypt, KSA, Gulf & Australia  in both the public and private sectors.

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Core Values


Creativity is a core value in our company that fosters a culture that values innovative thinking and problem-solving.


Our company places the utmost emphasis on credibility to establish trust and stand out from the competition.

We believe cultivating a rigorous commitment to credibility is our only way to deliver unique and successful products and services.


We strive to deliver products and services that meet the highest quality standards because our commitment to quality ensures customer satisfaction and helps us in building trusted, long-term relationships

Cost Saving

At SMACRS، we firmly believe that cost-saving measures are essential to achieving long-term financial stability and success. We integrate cost-saving practices into our daily operations and decision-making processes to optimize resource utilization and minimize wasteful spending.