eLearning Software Development

SMACRS can help you revolutionize your learning and training services, making them more efficient, effective, and engaging, through custom web and mobile e-Learning solutions that include:

  • smart AI based learning management systems
  • e-training management solutions
  • scientific conferences and workshops management solutions
  • content management solutions and professional tailored dashboards



SMACRS delivers robust systems for e-Learning education and training with a comprehensive suite of features, tailored to your specific needs through custom education software development services.

Smart Learning Management Solutions

AI-powered adaptive learning solutions personalize and streamline learning for students and trainees, while providing instructors with easy-to-use tools for course content management, deep assessment, and progress tracking.

Reporting and Analytics

Smart dashboards backed with tracking and analytics tools that provide educators and learners with deep insights into students’ progress, performance, and learning styles, empowering them to personalize learning and achieve better outcomes.

Social and Microlearning Portals

  • Content management and authoring tools to deliver engaging learning experiences through social learning and networks of interested audiences.
  • Libraries of categorized learning resources which include articles, videos, downloadable material. They are easy to manage with our user-friendly UI/UX design.
  • Gamification, collaboration, engagement management, tracking, and networking features and tools.
  • Ads management tools
  • Experts’ consultations

Corporate Training Systems

Optimize your training programs and improve employee performance through web and mobile software for employee training and product training that categorizes skills, specializations, and performance, comparing it to set KPIs.


We provide custom development solutions for quizzes, workshops, practical training, evaluation, certificate issuance, and printing management, making test creation and management, as well as student evaluation, easy and efficient.