Content Production and Digitization

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Educational Content Production and Digitization

We offer a diverse range of educational e-content that serve all age groups and cultures.

Video Content Production

We help you turn your product or initiative idea into an animated explainer video

Heritage Content Digitization & Restoration

Digitization and restoration of valuable historical media in documents, videos and audio tapes.

“Engaging content for learners of all ages

We offer a diverse range of educational e-content that serve all age groups starting from videos featuring instructors and 2D/3D animations, training tutorials, e-booklets, interactive simulations,  AR/VR applications, gamified assessments and so much more.

Our list is endless, so just ask us for your required piece of content and get something specially tailored to your target audience.

SMACRS’s e-learning department is responsible for creating e-courses ranging from micro learning to large educational packages and learning management systems (LMS).

Our video portfolio

E-Content Technologies

We integrate the latest technologies such as 2D / 3D animation and AR / VR to add another dimension to the e-content production.

We provide a professional studio ready for shooting high quality video and audio footage used in various e-content courses. Our forte is adding the human element through a professional presenter to eliminate any shortcomings the teacher may have that can impact information delivery to the target audience. This is essential for engagement and emotional attachment in the learning environments.

We provide custom development solutions for quizzes, workshops, practical training, evaluation, certificate issuance, and printing management, making test creation and management, as well as student evaluation, easy and efficient.


3D models and animations

Professional Videgraphy

2D Animations